Race In My Fandom

Exactly as it says on the tin.

"I know Chaff by sight because I’ve spent years watching him pass a bottle back and forth with Haymitch on television. He’s dark skinned, about six feet tall, and one of his arms ends in a stump because he lost his hand in the Games he won thirty years ago. (p. 213)"

The woman, Seeder, looks almost like she could be from the Seam, with her olive skin and straight black hair streaked with silver. Only her golden brown eyes mark her as from another district. She must be around sixty, but she still looks strong… (p. 214).”

Fan casting for Catching Fire.

Chaff: Idris Elba

Seeder: Jennifer Beals, Angela Basset

Both characters are from District 11, which means they are both Black. Seeder just happens to be a light-skinned Black woman.

Also, Angela Basset is obviously dark-skinned, but making a character darker doesn’t have the same negative history of making a character lighter. Plus, I like Angela more for the role- she got guns, man.

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